When I was an educator, I was never at ease with my profession

I had to have the last laugh.

I had to learn to love the profession.

I had no idea what to expect.

It was always going to be a struggle.

There was no escape from the fact that I had no job.

My parents were trying to get me to go back to school, but I couldn’t.

They were too busy trying to raise money for the kids in the neighborhood to make the trek.

I had so much I had never done, but my dad told me I could never give it up.

He didn’t realize the amount of work that went into education.

For the next seven years, I worked as a school resource officer at a public high school, serving as an assistant principal for nearly three years.

I was lucky.

I wasn’t an easy sell to my colleagues.

They loved me for who I was, but they didn’t understand the hard work I had put in.

It took me several years to realize that I needed to make something of myself.

I would do anything to make that happen.

I wanted to be my own boss.

So when I was told by my parents that they could no longer support me, I figured I had better do it.

I needed a job, and I had a great opportunity to do it in my hometown.

It was a tough decision.

I went to a company called E-Tech to learn more about how they were doing education.

I got hired in February of 2012 and was quickly promoted to director of education.

It started as an apprenticeship.

They offered me a position that would have paid me $45,000 over four years, but because I had the experience I needed I was offered a promotion.

I was excited, and it was a great feeling to be able to contribute.

As I grew as a leader, I became more comfortable with being a part of the team, and became more successful at it.

The only problem was, I never got paid.

I spent nearly all of my time helping out with school programs, which I knew would eventually become my full-time job.

But I couldn�t be responsible for what my family did. They didn�t have enough money to feed the kids and take care of them.

I also didn�T want to raise a child without any support, so I took a job at a nearby high school.

My dad was worried about my job, so he had to take me to a meeting with a teacher, but the meeting was so secretive that I didn�ts know who was there.

I got to know the teachers and was surprised by how caring they were.

The school had been built on a foundation of hard work and sacrifice, so it was hard for me to take that for granted.

I learned a lot from the teachers, and the impact I had on the school.

When I was in school, I had my work cut out for me.

After graduation, I moved to Austin, Texas, to start my own business.

It was a hard decision for me, but it was the right decision.

It wasn�t easy, but once I started it worked out well.

I didn’t have to work hard to be successful, and my skills were more valuable than ever.

I grew to be one of the biggest names in the education industry, and was eventually named one of Forbes� 50 Most Influential Educators.

I�ve had the privilege of helping educate some of the world�s most powerful people, and even being asked to speak at some of our most important events.

It would take me six years to finally be able put a smile on their faces when I told them that I was a former teacher.

The journey that I have taken has been amazing.

I have learned so much about myself and I have gained a lot of confidence as a person.

But I have to keep moving forward, and that has been the main challenge I have faced.

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