Why Emma Watson Is Not a Hillary Supporter

A lot of us were a little confused on this one.

In a lot of ways, she’s not a Hillary supporter.

But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t a fan of the Clintons.

Her tweets have been full of praise for the Clintons, and it looks like that’s going to continue.

As her followers tweeted, she called out the Clintons as “smart, ambitious, courageous, honest, strong, talented, funny, and compassionate.”

She also tweeted that the Clintons were “really great people.”

So that’s pretty much it.

But it also doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a Hillary-hater.

Here are a few other things we learned about Emma Watson.

She has a ton of fans and fans of the Clinton family.

And when you have a lot in common with a lot, that can be very effective.

And in fact, there’s even a book out now about how the Clintons met Emma Watson called, You Can’t Go Home Again.

It’s about the Clintons’ meeting in 1979.

We found it fascinating and informative, and we think it’s really important for people to know about the history of the Hillary Clinton family and the Clintons themselves.

Emma Watson is not a Trump supporter, but she’s still pretty passionate about the president.

Here’s why.

Emma is a Hillary fan because she’s very passionate about her father.

Emma’s father, Hugh Rodham, was a well-known Republican, who in fact won the Democratic nomination for president in 1980.

He was the first African American to be elected to Congress.

He’s also a supporter of Hillary Clinton.

She’s also very passionate in her support for the president, and she’s also been a vocal supporter of her husband.

And her tweets were full of that.

So when she says, “We should all be like my dad, and I want the next president to be like him,” it really means something.

But she’s going out of her way to defend the Clintons and her husband, and that’s kind of surprising, given how much they dislike each other.

The Clintons are “smart” and “ambitious,” she tweeted.

They are smart, ambitious and courageous.

And they are talented and funny and talented.

She also mentioned her dad being a “strong” man, and “talented.”

She’s not talking about Donald Trump, but the Clintons are in fact pretty intelligent, talented people.

When she says that, it’s kind, and not at all in the way she would have used to describe her father, who’s a pretty blunt person.

It might not sound like it at first, but it’s very true.

When I think of my father, I think he’s a strong man.

I think his passion for the country was that it was strong.

And I think that’s what he wanted.

I want that strength.

I am proud to be part of that team, and if I didn’t have that passion, then I wouldn’t have been able to be president of the United States.

But Emma Watson’s tweets also support her dad’s vision.

She said that her dad was “a man who believed in something,” and that she thinks he is “the greatest president ever.”

And when she said that, she was also talking about her dad, so she’s clearly praising him for his vision and his beliefs.

It also means she’s supportive of her father and is proud of his accomplishments.

I’m proud of my dad.

He believed in what he believed in.

He saw the power of what we could accomplish together, and he believed that he could lead our country in a very different way than his dad had led it before him.

I love my dad so much.

And the fact that she has her own father, her own mother, and her own sister and her dad is very meaningful.

And it’s a testament to the strength of that family, and to the kind of values that you’re supposed to hold and that we’re supposed do as a family.

There are other things she said about Hillary Clinton that we found to be pretty revealing.

She says that she wants the next President to be “as good as him.”

She said, “I want her to be the best President ever.”

She mentioned that her father was “the best man in the world.”

I can’t imagine a more fitting statement than that.

And then she said, She’s the best woman.

She was a woman who made it, and the best mother in the history.

I was lucky enough to grow up with my mother, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother, and they are all heroes in my life.

So I think Emma Watson has been able not only to make an impact on politics, but on her own life, and on the lives of others.

But what about her own children?

What about her daughter, Chelsea?

She said on Twitter, “She’s so strong.”

I think she’s really right

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