How to boost your kids’ confidence in art and math

Educators can help students improve their performance in reading, math, writing, and social skills through the art and learning component of a K 12 curriculum.

By adding art and other creative forms to their K 12 curricula, educators can help children learn to use these skills in their daily lives.

“By bringing arts into their K-12 curriculum, we are helping children to better express themselves and learn, instead of just being taught them how to do things,” says Mark Dyer, director of the Center for Creative Leadership at the University of Washington.

“They are learning to express themselves, they are learning how to think, they’re learning how not to be rude.

We want to help them become creative and to develop their thinking and creativity.”

The first step for teachers to add art and creativity to their students’ K 12 education is to create a class project, says Dyer.

“We need to think of art and language as tools in the teacher’s toolbox,” he says.

“So you can create a project, or a class assignment, and then add some art or other creative materials to it.

And the more creative the art is, the better it is at expressing its ideas, and the better the learning experience it can provide.”

To create a new art project, teachers can start with a simple art piece like a poster, or an illustration or sketch.

“You can also have a book that has a text and some pictures of a piece of art, or something that has drawings and drawings of something else,” says Dyers.

“And then add an image to it.”

The more images that are included in the art project the better, because “they’re more interactive and they’re more interesting, Dyer says.

Teachers should add at least one art piece per class.

But don’t limit it to just one piece of artwork per class, Dyers says.

“The more images you add to your class assignment the more interactive the class is going to be. “

This is how I think teachers can use the art to help students in learning a new skill,” Dyer adds.

“The more images you add to your class assignment the more interactive the class is going to be.

And so they can actually become involved in the learning process, and help students think critically and create ideas.”

By incorporating art and creative methods into the curriculum, teachers may also improve their students abilities to understand other cultures and to become more reflective and reflective of their own cultures.

“If you’ve ever done any sort of art or creative practice, you can see what it is like to be part of something that’s an art project,” Dyers adds.

For example, when you’re at the museum, or you’re making a piece out of paper, you’re doing something that is not very reflective of the real world.

You’re using the real thing as a canvas to express yourself.

“That is really important, because it’s really challenging, to be able to express oneself, because you’re really reflecting the world around you,” he adds.

Another way teachers can incorporate art and art practice into their classes is to incorporate it into a visual literacy lesson.

For this kind of lesson, teachers might create a slide show, or put an image of a character from a book or video onto the slide show.

The image of the character might show a person in a suit, or the text could read, “Here is a piece you can use to learn how to read.”

Dyer recommends that teachers include art and practice in the classroom.

“There’s nothing wrong with using art to communicate something, but what is important is what is being communicated,” he explains.

“What you are conveying to your students is something that they can see and understand.

Art and creativity in the classrooms is something you want to be a part of, and that’s really important.”

To find out more about art and science at the college level, visit the University at Buffalo College of Science website.

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