Donald Trump education lottery draws more than $1.2 billion from private donors

A $1 billion education lottery benefiting the Donald Trump administration drew more than 1,000 contributions last month, bringing the total amount raised for the Trump administration so far to more than 3.8 billion.

The lottery has drawn attention as one of the most ambitious education programs in recent memory, which has been criticized for taking too long to make its impact felt and for not properly identifying its winners.

On Monday, the Department of Education announced the winners of the lottery, which also includes $250 million in grants and loans to states and universities to encourage them to adopt new strategies to reduce student loan debt.

The department has also announced $300 million in additional funding for programs to help students pay for college.

The Department of Justice awarded a $2 million grant to the College Board to support a college education program that has received some of the largest individual donations of any federal program.

More than 10,000 private donors contributed at least $50,000 each to the education lottery this month.

The first lottery winner was Jeffrey G. Garten, the former head of the Trump Organization.

Gilly Graham, the acting secretary of education, said that she hopes the new initiative will help to address a number of concerns raised by the public during the presidential campaign, including the increasing debt load that students are carrying and the potential financial and health risks of the type of college education that many of these families are looking for.

The winners are being paid $100,000 per year for the next five years.

Education officials said the lottery has been funded by $200 million in federal and private funds.

They did not disclose how much of the money went toward scholarships and other grants.

The government has also been investing in the program, giving about $50 million in the first three months of this year to help states prepare for the federal-level lottery.

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