What to do when your child asks a sex education question

Posted December 18, 2019 11:24:29After a recent debate about the “sex education” in schools, the National Parents Organization (NPO) and the Parents for a Free Child (PFCC) are urging parents to contact their local school board.

In a statement released Wednesday, the NPO, the parent advocacy group that represents parents and students, and the PFCC said, “There are a number of questions parents may have about the sexual education they receive at their local schools.

And we hope parents will contact their schools to make sure they are educating their children with appropriate information.”

The PFCC says parents can also contact their elected school board representatives to let them know they are interested in the topic.

The NPO says that its members have reached more than 50 school boards across the country.

It goes on to say that schools should “exercise a level of judgment” and “do the best they can to provide a comprehensive education that meets their needs and that is appropriate for their children.”

Read more: Parents say schools need sex education after Kavanaugh sex scandalIt’s a long shot.

But this may be a step in the right direction for parents, especially those who feel they have been “punished” by schools for not following guidelines that require them to read materials that could offend their children.

The parents have started a Change.org petition to raise awareness about the need for sex ed.

It has more than 10,000 signatures.

It’s not just parents who are concerned.

Several news outlets have also asked parents to call their schools and report the situation.

A Washington Post reporter asked a parent, “Do you have any children in school who are questioning or have questions about sex ed?”

The parents say they are “horrified” by what they’ve read, and say that they would feel better if the situation was addressed.

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