What’s on your to-do list this week?

Education apps are getting a boost, as well as the likes of Microsoft’s Office, Google’s Project Tango and even Amazon’s Alexa.

But the new trend is also on offer for educators.

Here are our top five education apps of the week.1.

My Education App, Microsoft and GoogleMy Education app offers a wide range of educational apps, including one that will give you the ability to view all your academic papers and workbooks.

Its also designed to help teachers and parents manage their classrooms better.

You can also create and edit course plans and add online learning content.2.

Microsoft Project Tana, MicrosoftThe Microsoft Project is a free, mobile app that allows you to record video and audio from your PC or laptop.

It can also be used to annotate your classroom.

The app has been downloaded by millions of teachers around the world.3.

Google Tango, GoogleTango is an augmented reality (AR) app which gives you the chance to create, edit and share images and videos.

The Google Tangle app has more than a million downloads in more than 70 countries.4.

Amazon Alexa, AmazonAmazon’s Alexa is designed to make life easier for you, as it will automatically detect and alert you to new content that you might have missed while you were watching TV or reading your paper.

It also offers video call-back support.5.

Amazon Tango Plus, AmazonThe Amazon Tangle Plus app is a great app to get you through the week and helps you manage your classroom better.

It will let you track your classroom progress, monitor your classroom attendance and manage the school calendar.

You can use the app to plan a classroom, track your students progress and manage school calendar events.

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