How do you know if you need an AESOP education?

Progressive Education is a progressive education provider, providing primary and secondary education through online courses.

Learn more about them here.

The company is one of the first providers in the world that provides online classes in English, French, and Spanish, in addition to English, maths, science, and social studies.

Their focus is to teach students from low-income families, who are often underserved by mainstream primary schools and universities, to learn to communicate and collaborate with peers in a way that can help them achieve better academic outcomes.

As a progressive educator, we also use our online courses to engage with students to explore their life goals and interests.

In our courses, we encourage students to have fun and connect with their peers through our interactive games and interactive lectures, and we encourage them to connect with others through the learning tools we use, like the AESOP app.

We have been delivering progressive education to students for over five years, and in the coming year we will expand to a more diverse audience, which will allow us to continue to offer more progressive education.

In our new model, we aim to give students a greater understanding of what we do, and to provide them with a supportive community of educators and parents to share ideas, learn from, and provide feedback.

With our curriculum, we are also trying to take the power out of learning, and empower students to do more.

Students will now have a deeper understanding of the world through their progressive education and they will also be able to use that knowledge to make better choices and achieve more. 

We believe that this is the future of education, and it is a model that is more accessible and accessible for all.

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