Why you should be watching TEDx, and why you should care

I was a little disappointed when I learned TEDx was coming to New York.

After all, it was just a few short years ago that the first TEDx conference was being held in the UK.

The city of New York, home to the city’s most famous TEDx speaker and one of its biggest TEDx events, has long been synonymous with innovation and the future.

As such, it seems that TEDx would be an important step for New York in its bid to become the hub of the digital revolution.

But while the city has seen several other big tech conferences come and go, this one was something special.

In a year where the tech industry has exploded with interest and investment, TEDx is something that many have been waiting for.

What can you expect from the show?

The format for the event is basically similar to TED’s usual talks.

The speakers are expected to give talks that are centered around the theme of “what makes us human.”

The idea is that the world of human beings is an endless maze of different, complicated behaviors and relationships.

TED has made sure that the topics are varied and deep enough to include topics like gender, politics, the environment, and economics.

As for the audience, there will be about 150,000 attendees.

The event is expected to start with talks by the late, great Adam Schiff.

Schiff is one of the world’s foremost experts on the psychology of creativity, and has been a regular contributor to TED.

The New York Times reported that he had previously given a TEDx talk called “Inner Art: What It’s Like to Draw,” in which he talked about the “hierarchical nature” of the way people draw, and his hope that the presentation would help people develop their own visual skills.

What is the best part of TEDx?

This year’s event was also the first one in New York to be livestreamed, allowing the public to watch the proceedings from inside the venue.

The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that the videos were not in the standard formats that most other TEDx speakers use.

That meant that it was a lot easier for me to follow along as Schiff gave his talk.

He was not using a PowerPoint presentation, which is more akin to what you might see on a college campus.

Instead, he was using a video call where he explained the topic to the audience.

It was also interesting to see that the speaker, an MIT professor named Adam Schuff, is a big fan of video conferencing.

When you go to a TED event, you typically see a video link from one of your fellow participants.

The idea here is to get people to join in and share in a way that’s a bit more intimate.

But the real reason to watch is the live video feed.

You can get the full video feed, but you also get the chance to listen to Schiff’s talk and ask questions about the presentation.

What will you be watching?

The first event of TEDyCon, which began on January 20, has already attracted about 80,000 participants from across the globe.

It is expected that the event will draw more people to New Yorks and around the world.

In fact, I expect that if you are lucky enough to get to New york, you might be able to see a live stream from TEDx.

The format is that TED talks are meant to be watched on a big screen, which can get crowded in many locations.

So if you can’t make it to the first event, try your luck at the livestreaming version of the event.

The livestream will start at 9:30 a.m. and will be available for viewing on TEDx’s website.

I think the best time to see the livestream will be in the morning.

There will be plenty of time for people to get their thoughts and questions answered and for some of the participants to get in their own personal videos.

What do I need to bring?

There are plenty of different kinds of t-shirts and other pieces of merchandise you can pick up, so I’ll be sure to bring my camera and a microphone.

You might also want to bring your camera to watch, too.

I’ll also be carrying my laptop, so if you want to get up close and personal, that is a great idea.

Are there any other ways to get involved?

There is a website for getting involved with the event, so you can watch live from inside or around the venue and interact with the speakers.

There is also a Facebook event, where you can post comments about your experiences with the conference, and there are a few other social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter.

I know a lot of people are worried that they will miss out on a chance to see some of New York’s best and brightest, but I think that there are plenty to be had.

This year, the event has also added a

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