When Jill Biden’s name was floated for education secretary, students and parents say they were scared

BURLINGTON, Vt.— When Jill Biden was first floated for secretary of education, she faced a tough road to getting elected, but now she’s on the cusp of getting a job that has the potential to be even better than anything she’s faced before.Biden has a degree from Harvard Business School and is the only female […]

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When did the United States start teaching kids to be more independent?

By James Ransom Posted October 15, 2018 12:04:18After decades of trying to get the United Kingdom and other countries to adopt more progressive educational policies, parents in Canada are getting the message.Last year, after a series of court challenges, a coalition of more than 70 Canadian parents and educators successfully petitioned the Supreme Court to […]

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How to build a new life in Texas after leaving Texas education

A lot of people have the option to become more financially independent after leaving the state, and the first thing many of them want to do is buy a home.But before you can get that done, you need to know how to prepare for the transition.The first step is to determine your educational background.According to […]

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Are we on the cusp of a new wave of global education, or a return to the past?

Global education and the future of education will depend on what we learn, what we teach, and what we do with it.This article examines the state of education in the 21st century, looking at what we are learning about education and how it might change.The article examines three key trends in education in recent decades.The […]

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